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Why Cashew Nuts Are Good For You? Nutritive Benefits

Posted by Admin on August, 22, 2020

We are going to talk about cashew nuts – the most tasty and delicious nuts on earth! It is equally accepted in fried, raw or roasted forms or when used in recipes. Surely, you will enjoy a delectable treat. Health-freaks fear on its high calorie and fat quotients but can you forget about the nutritional benefits it offers. Consumption of cashew nuts gives a blast of essential minerals and vitamins. And, there is one more reason why you should remain guilt free while munching on a handful of kajus, it has higher amount of antioxidants. So, there is no need to resist on a bowl of tempting salted and roasted cashew nuts.

Here are the key reasons discussed below why you should indulge in eating more and more cashew nuts every day.

• Offers healthy heart

Kajus have fat but the amount is lowest when compared with other nuts. And, the fat present in these nuts remain in the form of oleic acid, which plays a key role in keeping heart health normal. So, the fat is cholesterol-free and cashew nuts have antioxidants too, which altogether keeps your heart disease free.

• Maintains blood pressure

Cashew nuts are loaded with magnesium which is very effective in keeping the blood pressure normal. A regular consumption of kajus can keep away blood diseases. Kaju has copper too, which is known to fight the free radicals in the blood.

• Controls body weight

Again regular consumption of cashew nuts may lead to a lower body mass unit or BMI. Munching on kajus will keep you fuller for a longer time and it is a great way to lose weight.

• Advances eye health
Cashew nuts are known to having zea xanthin, which is a strong antioxidant and benefits eye health. Retina can easily absorb it from the body and forms a protective layer around the eyes, which makes it UV-proof.

• Makes hair strong
Cashew nuts exporters often have seen advertising for their goods to offer strong hair. It’s true. Not only consumption of kajus but massaging kaju-made oil on the hair scalp helps in hair growth. Its copper component produces melanin which makes hair smooth and silky. Presence of linoleic and oleic acids maintain normal hair strength and colour.

• Offers glowing skin
Cashew nut oil is advantageous for skin health due to its antioxidant and mineral contents. It is a good source of phytochemicals and proteins too.

• Resists cancer symptoms
Cashew nuts are rich in proanthocyanins such as flavonols, copper and selenium. These are effective on cancerous cells.

• Loaded with dietary fibers
Dietary fibres are good for health and cashew nuts have plenty of palmitic acid and oleic acid. These highly digestive acids do not develop in our body. So, munching on some cashew nuts may relieve you in bloating, digestive issues and reducing intestinal gas formation.

So, consuming these tasty nuts you can benefit your health plus satisfy your taste quotient. Contact the local cashew nuts wholesalers now to buy a bag full of them and enjoy a handful when you crave for something to munch.

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